What is Mikrosement Efectto Quartz ?

Effecto is Topciment´s ready to use coating system. A seamless decorative finish, ready for use!

It is characterized by being very flexible and resistant, but with minimum thickness. In addition, it has a wide range of colors and varied effects, which makes an excellent great option to achieve an elegant and distinguished space.

Efectto Quartz. It is the range of Topciment pastes that provides a unique continuous natural finish, thanks to its mineral origin.

This product, its being manufactured ready to use, saves time of application to the professional. Also, it allows to obtain a nice homogeneous finish without watermarks, which, together with its different textures and its wide chromatic range, offers environments distinguished by its personality and modernity.


It can be applied on almost any support, both indoors and outdoors, as well as on vertical and horizontal surfaces. This product is intended to be used by professional applicators only.

Colors of Efectto

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What is EfecTTo?



EfecTTo Quartz is a high-end decorative system for professionals designed to achieve high design decoration

EfecTTo Quartz is a continous decorative coating with a low film thickness and because of it high grip, you can apply it to tiles, terrazo, gypsume, cements, etc… Its handmade application is made with the trowel in several layers. It is suitable in interiors and outdoors applications, in vertical and horizontal parameters.

EfecTTo can be use by itself or as complement of, for example, the sttandard line because these have a total different finish, colours and texture.

What properties do have EfecTTo?

  • Ready to use, so you do not need to make any mixture.
  • Faster to apply than a traditional microcement.
  • Faster to dry than a traditional microcement.
  • Easy to apply, with no previous application experience
  • Very good adherence to the substrate
  • Flexible and it doesn’t have shrink.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Wide range of colours and effects.
  • Compatible with conventional tintometric systems.

What range of colours have EfecTTo?

EfecTTo Quartz has a wide collection of colours and cromatic posibilities depending on floors or walls application. See our colour chart.

From what substrate you can apply EfecTTo Quartz?

Efectto Quartz can apply in vertical and horizontal substrate. It can apply on tiles, terrazo, gypsum, cement, etc.

Where it can be use EfecTTo Quartz?

EfecTTo is a very resistant material that can be applied in interiors and exteriors, also in wet rooms like as bathrooms even inside the showers. For all the product situation sealing process is key to work perfectly.

Is EfecTTo Quartz waterproof?

EfecTTo itself is not waterproof. To achieve a total waterproof it is necessary to apply the final sealer. Thanks to the sealer, the material can apply in all kind of surfaces.

Can microcement be applied to a radiant floor?

Yes, but before applying it, a heating protocol must be carried out in order to avoid the possibility that expansion, produced by the temperature changes in the floor, will crack the microcement itself.